About Us

We're Flash Healthcare

Flash Healthcare owes its origins to the personal experience of its founders. After various tenures in the US healthcare industry, both partners recognized a major lack of support for medical billing companies and healthcare payment systems. Combining their domain expertise and business knowledge in the Revenue Cycle Management industry, Flash Healthcare was created.

Our integrated solutions offering is aimed at creating value for our customers, helping them in progressing their business processes with minimum hassles and capital outlays. The perfect blend of technical excellence, performance monitoring for business, business intelligence and customer relationship management is what makes us endearing to our clients.

The world of medical billing and coding can be confusing and intimidating. The subject itself is complex and highly detailed. Our intention is to provide quality work and increase provider collection ratio. We have comprehensive resource for exploring this essential component of the healthcare industry. Flash Healthcare Management Services is enraptured with proficient workforce, supported with level headed account managers and subservient back end technicians. All put together we are seamlessly capable of handling all type of billing works. We continually work 24/7 and most of the days including Sundays and general holidays.